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SDG&E Net Metering & Time-of-Use Structure Deadlines

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Deadlines of SDG&E Net Metering Customers to Time-of-Use Rates Over the next couple years, SDG&E Net Metering customers will see significant changes as everyone is transitioned to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate structure. We will go over the timeline in which SDG&E has proposed these changes, as well as the various methods of grandfathering into these new structures. Before we hop into these topics, let us explain the basics. Table of Contents 2017 - Implementation of Super User Surcharge 2017 - [...]

4 Reasons Why SunPower is the Premium Solar Panel Brand

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4 Reasons Why SunPower is the Premium Solar Panel Brand It's no secret that SunPower has made a name for themselves as a top solar panel manufacturer. As the world record holder for highest efficiency, SunPower's technology boasts unmatched performance and reliability. We will go through our top 4 reasons why SunPower is a premium solar panel brand; quality, innovation, durability, and more. Who is SunPower Solar? SunPower is a leading solar panel manufacturer that is known for their global [...]

Brand Highlight: HERO Financing

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One of the primary reasons people avoid switching to solar is concern for the costs of purchasing solar panels. In the face of this sustainability road block, government-supported finance solutions are emerging, making solar installation an achievable dream for more people than ever. In fact, today’s homeowners have a variety of solutions to choose from when it comes to paying for solar power systems. HERO Financing is one exceptional example of the many solutions open to those interested in renewable [...]

SolarTech Featured on The Evolving Planet and Survival Renewable Energy

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At SolarTech we often contribute to third party websites to share our wisdom about the solar power industry. Read our blog 5 Stunning Green Buildings in Southern California on Survival Renewable Energy to take a look at some incredible green structures. Our article on The Evolving Planet discussed Here's How the U.S. Can Run Completely on Renewable Energy.

How to Avoid “Greenwashing”

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More and more consumers are looking for products that are not only effective, but beneficial for the environment. This trend has caused companies to create more sustainable products for the market. Some companies are attempting to mislead consumers they are being environmentally conscious when their products actually aren’t. This process is called “greenwashing.” It’s possible to avoid greenwashed products: with some thought, you can make sure the products you choose fulfill your needs and benefit the environment. What is Greenwashing? [...]

SolarTech Shares Solar Industry Insight

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SolarTech contributed several articles on third party sites to showcase the latest news in the solar industry. To read more about the shared insight, take a look at the articles below. Solar Solutions: The Sharing Economy's Next BIG Thing on The Boss Magazine Solar Power Rebates and Incentives in California on NaturalNews Practical Power - Tips for Saving Energy at Home on The Snug SolarTech is proud to serve more than 45 cities in the United States and internationally. Contact [...]

When Solar Panels Expire

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Solar energy is a growing field to provide clean, renewable power, Unfortunately, the current makeup of solar panels and other solar technology is not as renewable as it could be. Solar technology eventually wears out and can be difficult to recycle or dispose of once the material is spent. To address this issue, researchers and companies are creating new ways to maintain, create, and reuse new solar panels to make this technology even more beneficial for the environment. How Solar [...]

The Best Cities for Solar Power

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A mounting body of data suggests that the solar power industry has begun to hit its stride within the United States. In 2013, a record-breaking number of panels were installed in the U.S. — a solar panel was installed panels installed every three minutes in 2013 — and that attitude towards sustainable energy has continued through 2015 with 1,383 megawatts of solar capacity installed in the United States. In part, this new approach to solar power is thanks to the [...]

San Diego Utility Tax for Solar – What Gives?

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If you live in San Diego, you may have caught wind of a new proposal threatening the renewable energies market. Proposed by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), a new rooftop solar tariff could raise expenses for consumers as well as make local changes regarding climate change more difficult. Here, we look closer at this proposal and what it means for San Diego residents. About the Proposed Tariff Currently, California utility regulators provide a “net metering” tariff to solar consumers. [...]

Brand Highlight: Canadian Solar Panels

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Deciding to switch to solar energy was the easy part. It’s a no-brainer when you want to save energy, money, and the environment. But choosing a company and product is a whole different matter. Say hello to Canadian Solar Inc., an obvious brand choice when you’re seeking durability and efficiency. History of Canadian Solar Inc. Canadian Solar Inc. was founded by Dr. Shawn Qu in 2001. Since then, Canadian Solar has grown to become one of the leading companies in [...]

What to Expect When Adding Solar To Your Home

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You’re already familiar with the benefits of using solar energy. After all, the energy and cost savings—and let’s not forget about the tax incentives—are what convinced you to go solar in the first place. But you may not know quite what to expect during the process from planning to installation. Here’s what it will be like to add solar power to your home. Cost Considerations Before digging in to the process of installing solar panels, it’s worth looking at what [...]

Innovation in Solar Panels: The Sun is Our Savior

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The benefits of sustainable energy have generated universal popularity over the last couple decades, and Solar Energy has been a huge driver. The harnessing of sun has introduced a renewable and sustainable energy source that limits the pollution of greenhouse gasses. Solar panels convert like to electricity with solar concentrators. These work by constructing photons (light particles) to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Growing popularity in solar production has accelerated the modification of new solar [...]

San Diego Solar Power: Hot Spots of the Green Divide

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San Diego sunshine offers much more than great beach days. Environment California has recently named San Diego second in the nation for solar power installation. The importance of renewable resources has been heavily documented for the past decade, and San Diego is taking leaps forward in green living. Solar distribution varies around the city. A study of hot spots shows a pattern of certain geographical and income-based attributes. Depending on your home’s location and design, solar installation is typically in [...]

Solar Production: San Diego Earning Title as America’s Finest City

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America’s finest city is further securing its title. A report by Environment California has ranked San Diego second in solar power installation. As one of the nation’s “Solar Stars,” San Diego is setting the standard for renewable energy alternatives. Solar power is the groundwork for green alternatives and environmental improvement. It relies on harnessing the power of the sun to produce electricity. Considering the sun is always there when we wake up, solar power has firmly established itself as a [...]

5 Innovative Solar Powered Vehicles

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You don’t need to have an engineering background to picture them in your head: Solar powered vehicles. Fast, sleek, and shiny, with solar panels reflecting the light as they zoom at top speed – and without gasoline. Yet it’s remarkable to see just how far the technology has come, because it’s not just cars anymore – now, solar energy is being utilized to create efficient and eco-friendly airplanes, buses, and more. Although solar panels are now becoming a big player [...]

AB 327 and Net Metering: What Consumers Should Know

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When consumers use alternate forms of energy—solar, wind, fuel cell, or biogas—to meet their residential energy needs, they can sell the excess production to utility companies. These “customer generators” then receive a credit or even a payment based on the amount of energy they provide above and beyond their own residential use. In California, more than 120,000 accounts are enrolled in this type of program, which is called net metering.  By using a net metering program that is mandated by [...]

What’s Happening in the World of Solar Energy?

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The first solar panels were developed in the 1950s but the technology is still evolving into a mainstream part of energy consumption worldwide. As fossil fuels are on their way out and consumers look for cleaner energy sources, solar energy is being pushed further to the forefront of the conversation. So what factors are driving the push for more solar energy? Greater Demand Consumers, particularly those of the millennial generation, are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and [...]