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Swim Comfortably With Solar Pool Heating

Save Money and Extend Your Swim Season

Enjoying the outdoors in Southern California is often centered around the swimming pool. Everybody enjoys a warm and comfortable swimming session with family and friends. SolarTech provides affordable options to enjoy your luxurious backyard amenity nearly year-round and greatly reduce your heating costs with solar pool heating. Spend less and swim more!

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Using the sun’s energy to heat your pool is cost-effective and efficient with quality products like the SwimJoy and SwimLux pool heating panels by Solar Pool Supply. With advanced thermostat control systems, your pool will always be the right temperature for you to enjoy, even in the shoulder seasons. Spend less and swim more with solar pool heating systems installed by SolarTech.


  • 8-10 months of a warm swimming pool.
  • Greatly reduce your pool heating costs.
  • Live better using natural energy.
  • Enjoy the luxury of an extended swim season.

Annual Cost of Heating Your Swimming Pool

Solar Pool Heating – $60/year
Natural Gas – $2680/year
Electric Heat Pump – $2881/year
Propane & LPG – $3387/year


Most homeowners purchased their pool with the idea that they would be swimming year-round. The cold wet reality of it is, the average pool owner uses their pool a few months out of the year due to the high electricity costs involved with keep the water heated. Installing a solar pool heating system will allow for an extra 4-6 months of comfortable warm swimming, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

A solar pool heating system generally pays for itself within the first 2-7 years, depending on how much you currently pay to heat your pool water. Solar water heating has little to no annual maintenance, so you will be avoiding the upkeep costs associated with the traditional electric and gas heating systems. Our sun is a no cost renewable energy source, so take advantage today and extend your nights at the pool.

Aside from the extra months of swimming and the money you’ll be saving, you also have a chance to help the environment. Solar energy — the power of our sun — is one the cleanest forms of energy we know of. Getting rid of your old electric or gas pool heater, and switching to solar heating, can stop up to 10 tons of carbon emissions each swim season!

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SolarTech has been installing solar pool heating systems in San Diego for over 15 years. We are one of the largest solar pool heating contractors nationwide. We only use quality products and have the expertise to install them correctly; protecting your roof, your property, and your pool equipment. SolarTech’s solar pool heating panels are made for us by one of the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturers of pool heating equipment. We are solar professionals and specialize in designing and installing pool heating systems. We also offer the best workmanship warranty in the business, so you can relax and enjoy your pool without worrying whether the work was done right.


SolarTech custom designs solar systems based on the needs of our customers; taking into account swimming pool size, location, and desired swim season. Clients appreciate our personal consults and professional approach, which allows us to build the right pool heating system based on individual needs — no “one size fits all” approach. Our full-service inspections ensure that your pool equipment is properly matched with your system, so you can enjoy worry-free warmth throughout the year. Don’t wait until next summer to start your swimming season again, let your swim season be year-round!


SolarTech’s commitment to quality means we only use high-quality solar pool heating products and the best installers in San Diego. Our installers ensure that the work is done correctly with detailed quality assurance checks. All the heating equipment we use comes with industry-leading warranties. We warranty our work, as well, to give you peace-of-mind. You and your family can relax and enjoy the comfort of your heated swimming pool year-round without worrying about huge utility costs. Get the most out of your swimming pool with the premier solar pool heating installer in San Diego.

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