Solar Energy Systems & Solar Pool Heating in San Diego

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Residential Solar Energy in San Diego


SunPower Residential Solar Energy

San Diego residents are saving money by installing solar energy systems to off-set their electric utility bill. You can significantly reduce or nearly eliminate your electric bill by utilizing the power of our sun. Whether you decide to pay cash, finance to own, or lease a solar energy system, you can save significantly on the cost of electricity for years to come.

Net Metering and the Solar Investment Tax Credit are both still available for residential solar panel systems in San Diego. Get started today by maximizing your energy savings using the power of the sun!

Power Your Home With Solar
Commercial Solar Energy in San Diego


Commercial Solar Energy

Commercial solar installations are a great way to reduce costs by lowering the cost of energy, minimizing peak demand charges, and protecting your business from future rate hikes. In San Diego, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the great value that solar energy systems provide.

Several financing options are available for companies looking to lower costs; zero-down financing, leases, and power purchase agreements. Take control of your energy costs and improve your bottom line by utilizing an alternative energy solution like solar panels.

Lower Your Costs With Solar
Solar Pool Heating in San Diego


Residence with Solar Pool Heating Panels

San Diego’s sunny climate makes it a great place to have a swimming pool. There is no better way to enhance the value and enjoyment of your swimming pool, than to add a solar pool heating system to keep water warm 8-10 months of the year. Solar pool heating is extremely affordable and a great way to give your family every opportunity to enjoy the pool.

By harnessing the warmth of the San Diego sunshine, SolarTech’s solar pool heating installations can help improve the quality of your outdoor lifestyle. Contact us to find out more info.

Enjoy Your Pool With Solar


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SolarTech has been installing solar pool heating and solar energy systems in San Diego County for over 15 years. We stand behind our work for each and every project. San Diego is our home and our primary market. We have always been locally owned and operated, with a commitment to the community in which we live, work, and play.

As a San Diego solar company, our local business approach is to get you the solar installation experience and service you expect — never be treated like just another caller in the queue. Our customers are our neighbors and become our friends.

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Solar isn’t a “one size fits all” kit. Each one of our customers represents a unique solar panel system installation. There are decisions like; which solar panels to use, where to install the system, and what financing is best for you.

Whether you’re looking toward a certain brand of solar panels, central or micro inverters, or deciding on finance or lease, our solar analysts are here to help guide you through these choices, as well as help you understand each option. It’s our goal to provide all the options and answer any questions you may have. We know this is a big decision and we’re here to help navigate you through.

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As a San Diego solar company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work on every project. In order to ensure that everything lives up to the SolarTech standard, we never outsource or subcontract our jobs. Your solar energy systems, as well as our reputation as one of the best San Diego solar companies, depend on impeccable design and installation.

Our design teams use cutting-edge software to draft your project and submit for it permitting, then our certified electricians and solar installers bring those plans to life. We are solar professionals. We stand behind our work with a 25-year production guarantee and 25-year workmanship warranty.


Jenn Hamaker during her customer testimonial

“I absolutely love SolarTech, because from start to finish, they made it easy on us.”

– Jenn Hamaker, 8 kW, El Cajon, CA
Fred Melnick Customer Testimonial

“The guys from SolarTech were very knowledgeable, and were able to answer my questions and really guide me down the right path.”

– Fred Melnick, 7.6 kW, Escondido, CA
Brandon Berlin Customer Testimonial

“I chose SolarTech for a few reasons. They pretty much knocked it out of the park for everything we needed.”

– Brandon Berlin, 10.9 kW, Alpine, CA


We believe in offering our customers various options. SolarTech selects solar panels and solar inverters based on quality and value. We offer SunPower solar panels for those who demand the highest quality premium product. We also offer real value options such as SolarWorld and Canadian Solar panels.

Inverter options include SolarEdge — industry’s best storage-ready inverters — and Enphase — best-selling micro-inverter on the market today — which holds an industry leading 25-year warranty. Whether you’re looking for the best system money can buy or the best bang for your buck, SolarTech has the right solar panel equipment for your needs.

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