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Reduce Demand Charges & Lower Operating Costs

Businesses throughout Southern California are taking control of their electricity needs and lowering operating costs with commercial solar energy installation. With financial incentives still available, such as the 30% investment tax credit and Net Metering benefits, solar gives you the opportunity to significantly lower the cost of electricity. You’ll also be able to shave or even eliminate your peak power usage, which can significantly reduce demand charges.

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Installing solar is a fantastic way to lower overhead costs and increase cash flow for your business. At SolarTech, we install only the highest quality products and are proud to be one of few SunPower Elite Dealers in Southern California. We confidently stand behind all of our installations with a 25-year workmanship warranty and 25-year production guarantee.

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Southern California businesses spend an average of $1,950/month on electricity.
Businesses save an estimated 75% on their energy costs by going solar.

Solar Purchase

$282,00020 yr savings
  • 7 Year Payback

Solar Lease/PPA

$123,00020 yr savings
  • Immediate Cash Flow Savings

*Savings example based on an average monthly electricity bill of $1,950. Estimates provided by EnergySage. For comparison purposes only. Actual savings may differ based on available space for solar installation, equipment and financing choices, and individual energy usage. Request a free consultation to see how much your business will save with solar.

  • The 30% Solar Tax Credit is still available.
  • Lock-in Net Metering for the next 20 years.
  • Immediate cash flow savings available.
  • Win customers by using clean energy.
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Installing a commercial solar energy system reduces the cost of electricity substantially. You’ll be able to lower overhead expenses and increase cash flow by establishing an affordable energy cost. A cash purchase will provide you with the best overall savings and show the shortest payback period. You’ll be able to take advantage of the 30% investment tax credit and claim accelerated depreciation in just 5 years.

If you go solar with a finance-to-own option, you’ll get the tax credit, you’ll still be eligible for accelerated depreciation, and you’ll capture state and local incentives as well. Commercial solar leases provide immediate cash flow savings and are available with the best equipment, such as SunPower solar panels. Whichever financing method you choose, solar energy for businesses provides more affordable electricity rates than with the utility company.

Commercial solar panel installation will give your business the ability to establish a predictable and manageable energy plan for the coming years. While rates steadily increase, any where from 6%-11% each year, business owners are left guessing what portion of profits will be eaten up by their electricity requirements. Lock-in affordable rates by installing a commercial solar panel system on your rooftop or business location. You’ll get the peace-of-mind of being able to forecast your energy costs for the next 20-25 years.

Consumers are consistently choosing greener and cleaner businesses for the products and services they require. Your business image can benefit greatly by showing customers, and the community, that you care about protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By installing solar for your business, you’ll show your customers and prospects that your business is a clean energy leader. Not only will you save money, you’ll also make the statement that your company is committed to a better future and a healthier planet.



Whether you’re a restaurant, retail shop, or automotive repair business, managing cash flow is key to the success of any small business. Take control of your energy needs and reduce the cost of electricity by installing a solar energy system for your San Diego business. With a variety of financing options, you can see immediate savings with a solar lease or PPA. You also have the option for the best savings with a cash purchase of your solar panel system. Either choice will show you better rates than what you currently pay with the utility, and will secure your costs for the future.


SolarTech designs custom commercial solar energy systems, beginning with a detailed analysis of your energy consumption. We will provide various options to offset your electricity usage with solar. Whether your business requires a 10kW or 100kW solar panel system, we’ll accurately size the system for your energy needs. Our professionals will engineer the most efficient design and install high quality solar equipment, all without disruption to your business. We’ll also help you select the best commercial solar financing to get the best value for your business.


Schools, churches, and homeowner associations (HOAs) throughout San Diego are installing solar energy systems to reduce electricity costs and lock-in affordable rates for the next 20-25 years. A variety of financing and equipment options give you the opportunity to find a solution that fits the needs of your non-profit organization. Whether you’re aiming to offset common grounds electricity consumption, or need to reduce dependence on the utility for your entire facility, SolarTech will design a solar panel system that meets your energy needs and your financial picture.

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