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Solar for Breast Cancer Awareness

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SolarTech Teams Up With Susan G. Komen For Breast Cancer Awareness For the whole month of October, SolarTech will be teaming up with Susan G. Komen to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer. We will be donating for each system we sell throughout the month. If SolarTech sells 100 systems in the month of October, we will also be donating 10kW of solar energy to the San Diego Susan G. Komen facility. Donating $100 For Every System Sold [...]

SDG&E Net Metering & Time-of-Use Structure Deadlines

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Deadlines of SDG&E Net Metering Customers to Time-of-Use Rates Over the next couple years, SDG&E Net Metering customers will see significant changes as everyone is transitioned to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate structure. We will go over the timeline in which SDG&E has proposed these changes, as well as the various methods of grandfathering into these new structures. Before we hop into these topics, let us explain the basics. Table of Contents 2017 - Implementation of Super User Surcharge 2017 - [...]

2017 SDGE Rate Changes

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SDG&E RATE CHANGES IN 2017 As of January 1, 2017, SDGE has already increased the electricity rates... but that's not all that's coming for 2017. On top of the typical rate hikes once or twice a year (expect another price increase in Summer), SDGE will also be implementing some significant changes to how they charge customers. As we've seen over the last year, SDGE successfully transitioned residential customers to a two-tier billing system. Just as quickly as [...]

4 Reasons to Kick Off the New Year with Solar Energy

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Kick Off the New Year with Solar Energy Now that 2016 is coming to a close, we're all thinking about our goals and resolutions for the 2017 year. Prices for solar are at an all-time low, so it's time to make installing solar one of your resolutions. We have compiled a list with 4 of the top reasons to get solar marked off your 2017 resolution list early: 4. See Immediate Savings with Solar Everyone enjoys having some extra pocket [...]

Demand Charges: Understand Your Business’s SDG&E Electric Bill

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Understanding the Demand Charges on Commercial Electric Bills Understanding each line item on your business's SDG&E bill isn't always easy. After all, the more difficult it is to understand for the customer, the better for the utility — not every business owner has the time to call customer support for a more in-depth explanation. We will be going over how demand charges work, how to combat against them, and how to save money on your commercial electric bill. What Are [...]

4 Reasons Why SunPower is the Premium Solar Panel Brand

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4 Reasons Why SunPower is the Premium Solar Panel Brand It's no secret that SunPower has made a name for themselves as a top solar panel manufacturer. As the world record holder for highest efficiency, SunPower's technology boasts unmatched performance and reliability. We will go through our top 4 reasons why SunPower is a premium solar panel brand; quality, innovation, durability, and more. Who is SunPower Solar? SunPower is a leading solar panel manufacturer that is known for their global [...]

What You Need to Know About the Solar Investment Tax Credit

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What You Need to Know About the Solar Investment Tax Credit A customers' most common question is, "What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)?" In this post, we will go over all of the details you need to know about the solar tax credit; what the credit is, eligibility requirements, benefits, and more. First Off, What is a Federal Tax Credit? By definition, a Federal Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar amount that an individual or business can directly reduce [...]

7 Beautiful Homes Powered by Solar Energy

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Solar panels are growing up before our very eyes — from lanky, awkward metal structures sticking out like sore thumbs on city rooftops to beautifully mature, smoothly shaped arrangements that are no longer an afterthought, but part of the building design itself. As clean energy becomes a realistic opportunity for nearly all homeowners, energy efficient homes are popping up across the globe, showing off exactly how renewable design can seamlessly combine functionality and style. Here are just some of our [...]

The Best Rate Structure For Solar

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DR VS DR-SES RATE STRUCTURE SDGE is making some significant changes to the way customers are charged for electricity. For many customers who have already installed solar, some of the potential savings may be left on the table unless you switch to the DR-SES rate structure. On the typical tiered rate structure (DR), you get a 1-for-1 exchange rate for energy sent to the grid when solar production is higher than immediate on-site consumption. With the time-of-use [...]

CaliforniaFIRST: Solar Financing for Your Home

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CaliforniaFIRST: Home Energy Financing With solar loan solutions, it's possible to finance the installation of your solar panels instantly — without any immediate out-of-pocket costs. CaliforniaFIRST is just one of the fantastic options for individuals to consider, offering upfront financing solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and power-saving improvements to your business or home. Despite the obvious cost-effectiveness that comes with going solar, many residential and commercial property owners have avoided making the leap, in fear of the high costs [...]

How Do You Get a Job in Solar Energy?

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The solar industry is thriving, delivering more job opportunities to professionals with various interests, and skillsets. The number of solar jobs throughout the U.S. has increased by more than double in the last five years, and career options show no signs of slowing down. As an innovative trade, solar energy offers a range of attractive jobs for aspiring professionals, ranging from design, engineering, and installation, to marketing, sales, and strategy. Solar also demands talent from a scientific perspective too, as [...]

Solar Energy Learning Resources for Parents and Teachers

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When today’s parents and teachers were kids, solar energy was still considered a fringe option that was not easily accessible. In less than a generation, however, solar energy has grown up. There is now enough solar energy generated in the U.S. to power over 4.6 million American homes, and 784,000 business and homes have gone solar. A new solar project is installed every 2 minutes, due in part to the dropping cost of solar installation (down 73 percent since 2006). [...]

Brand Highlight: Solar Industries by Aquatherm

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Once you've decided to install a pool, you'll likely look for ways to get as much as possible out of your investment. The more you can use your pool - for fun, relaxation, and health-boosting benefits - the more worthwhile the initial cost. The advent of solar heating systems offers pool owners the chance to maximize their backyard asset, by reducing the chill of cool water when the temperatures start to drop. This means you can jump in earlier in [...]

The 5 Best TED Talks About Solar Energy

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As the TED acronym stands for "Technology, Entertainment, and Design", many of the topics in these conferences focus on tech and design, but there are also a number of inspiring insights into cultural and scientific matters. Driven forward by the "ideas worth spreading" maxim, TED talks (given by some of the most respected names in the world) have prompted world-changing insight and national motivation. With so much vision to share, it only makes sense that TED talks provide an excellent [...]

Brand Highlight: Enphase Energy

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Enphase Energy is a company dedicated to bettering the planet, and the lives of consumers, through solar-centered technology. The company offers customers complete solutions for monitoring energy use, directing energy flow, and maintaining systems. Since its founding, Enphase Energy has been instrumental to creating new and exciting ways to use solar energy for both business and home needs. Whether you are only just beginning to explore solar solutions for your home or business, or you’re a longtime solar user looking [...]

Solar Power at Sea [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When it comes to collecting the sun’s rays, we’ve placed solar panels almost everywhere – on rooftops, open farmland, and even on moving vehicles – and now we’re trying to take solar out to sea. Floating solar panels on the ocean could have a huge impact across the world; but of course, the salty sea comes with its own set of challenges. Share This Infographic On Your SitePlease include attribution to with this graphic. The Story of Solar and [...]

When Solar Panels Expire

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Solar energy is a growing field to provide clean, renewable power, Unfortunately, the current makeup of solar panels and other solar technology is not as renewable as it could be. Solar technology eventually wears out and can be difficult to recycle or dispose of once the material is spent. To address this issue, researchers and companies are creating new ways to maintain, create, and reuse new solar panels to make this technology even more beneficial for the environment. How Solar [...]

Top 4 Misconceptions about Solar Power

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Solar panels are in the forefront of modern solutions for sustainable energy. Over the last five decades, production of PV solar panels across the world has increased dramatically. Solar power has opened up as a realistic option for many homeowners who may have considered it impossible to achieve. Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to begin generating domestic energy. Their carbon-neutral status makes them eligible for helpful financial support and grants. However, despite all [...]

The Best Cities for Solar Power

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A mounting body of data suggests that the solar power industry has begun to hit its stride within the United States. In 2013, a record-breaking number of panels were installed in the U.S. — a solar panel was installed panels installed every three minutes in 2013 — and that attitude towards sustainable energy has continued through 2015 with 1,383 megawatts of solar capacity installed in the United States. In part, this new approach to solar power is thanks to the [...]

The Rising Affordability of Solar Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Solar power is booming in the U.S. Solar prices are on the decline, and while photovoltaic  (PV) units are still expensive, prices should continue to drop. Here’s a brief breakdown on solar prices in the U.S. Share This Infographic On Your SitePlease include attribution to with this graphic. Solar Power on the Rise in the U.S. • In the U.S. from 2010 to 2013, the total amount of PV solar installations grew by 485%. • From 2011 to 2013, [...]

Brand Highlight – SMA Solar Inverters

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One of the most significant parts of any solar photovoltaic (PV) system, is the solar inverter. While it's the panels that work to harness the energy from the sun — it's the inverter that processes that energy into something that the electricity grid, and home can use. As perhaps the hardest working component in any solar power system, it's crucial for consumers and businesses alike to ensure they have access to the best in the business. SMA systems are the [...]

Brand Highlight: Phono Solar Panels

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The Phono Solar Technology Company has been in the renewable energy business since 2004, bringing a unique renewable energy solution to both residential and commercial customers across the globe.  Phono solar focuses on the implementation of renewable energy products and offers state-of-the-art technological solutions to help mitigate the effects of energy consumption on the non-renewable resources within the global economy. With a complete renewable energy solution, Phono Solar includes high-efficiency solar models, an energy management unit, portable power solutions, and [...]

Brand Highlight: Canadian Solar Panels

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Deciding to switch to solar energy was the easy part. It’s a no-brainer when you want to save energy, money, and the environment. But choosing a company and product is a whole different matter. Say hello to Canadian Solar Inc., an obvious brand choice when you’re seeking durability and efficiency. History of Canadian Solar Inc. Canadian Solar Inc. was founded by Dr. Shawn Qu in 2001. Since then, Canadian Solar has grown to become one of the leading companies in [...]

Here Comes the Sun: Your Guide to Solar Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As of 2014, there are more than 645,000 homes throughout the U.S. with solar power units. Solar power can help a homeowner to save money on their energy bill, and while they are expensive to install, prices are dropping. Also, installing solar can help a homeowner to reduce their carbon footprint. As the technology continues to advance, solar power will only become more efficient. Tax breaks offered by the government currently make solar more affordable, so now is a great [...]

What to Expect When Adding Solar To Your Home

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You’re already familiar with the benefits of using solar energy. After all, the energy and cost savings—and let’s not forget about the tax incentives—are what convinced you to go solar in the first place. But you may not know quite what to expect during the process from planning to installation. Here’s what it will be like to add solar power to your home. Cost Considerations Before digging in to the process of installing solar panels, it’s worth looking at what [...]

A Solar Panel Buyer’s Guide

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So you have decided to free yourself from your conventional electric bill, increase your eco-friendliness, and invest in some sun with solar panels.  As an alternative to fossil fuels, solar panels are emission-free and can help you effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint.  Even better, solar panels can save you heaps of money over the next few decades, and the solar initiatives and tax credits can offer discounts on the price of installation. Thinking about selling some time in the future? [...]

Brand Highlight: SolarWorld Solar Panels

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The decision to switch from nonrenewable energy sources to solar has potential to save thousands long term, but comes with an upfront investment. The installation of SolarWorld Sunmodule panels mitigates the risk of that investment with high-quality products that are efficient, strong and third-party tested.   Why Choose SolarWorld Panels? All SolarWorld products come with a 25-year linear performance guarantee and a 10-year extended workmanship warranty. With an aluminum frame for easy mounting, there are also eight different grounding locations [...]

Is Your Home a Candidate for Solar Installation?

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Solar energy is no longer considered a fringe option for those who feel experimental. Now a mainstream technology, residential solar energy usage grew by 51 percent in 2014. In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association reports that 32 percent of all new electricity generation capacity came from solar installations last year. For people who want to conserve energy, and save money long term on utility costs, the installation of solar panels seems like a smart move. The sun is a [...]

What Will Solar Power Look Like Over the Next 100 Years?

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Although solar power is many things – eco-friendly, innovative, and cost-effective to name a few – “futuristic” is definitely high up on the list. But where exactly is solar power headed? What might we see from this energy source as the technology around it continues to grow and expand? There are already a number of theories and ideas out there, and it’s worth taking a look at some of the more prevalent notions.

How to Sell Residential Solar Energy Back to the Utility

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So you’ve gone ahead and taken the leap: You’ve installed solar panels in your home or office. You’re feeling pretty good about this decision – you’re pulling in eco-friendly, renewable energy; the panels were cost-effective and the installation was seamless; you’re confident that you’ll be saving money in energy costs year after year. But here’s an added bonus you might not have known about: you can sell your solar power back to a utility company. That’s right – for savvy [...]

Newest Solar Innovations of 2015

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We’re halfway through 2015, and the world has already seen exciting tech advancements this year, from consumer tech like Apple Pay, to medical advancements like Brain Organoids. However, these aren’t the only industries developing break-through technologies. In the past six months, we’ve also seen many solar innovations that are changing the face of the industry.

Advantages of Solar Heating For Your Pool

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Earth Day is fast approaching and it serves as a great reminder that there are always ways to conserve more energy. When it comes to our homes, there are both small everyday changes and large permanent ones that can have a positive impact on the energy we consume. If you have a pool on your property, you know the added expenses that go along with it. What if there was a way to both reduce those costs and your carbon [...]

11 Superstar Facts About Solar Energy

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As the world’s finite fossil fuels continue to diminish, demand for clean energy alternatives are on the rise. Solar energy is a big part of this conversation, as a completely free and renewable resource that is abundant to this place we call Earth. While you’ve probably heard a lot about solar power, you may be surprised to learn some of the facts surrounding it.   Take a look at just a few of the things about solar energy that you [...]

AB 327 and Net Metering: What Consumers Should Know

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When consumers use alternate forms of energy—solar, wind, fuel cell, or biogas—to meet their residential energy needs, they can sell the excess production to utility companies. These “customer generators” then receive a credit or even a payment based on the amount of energy they provide above and beyond their own residential use. In California, more than 120,000 accounts are enrolled in this type of program, which is called net metering.  By using a net metering program that is mandated by [...]

What’s Happening in the World of Solar Energy?

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The first solar panels were developed in the 1950s but the technology is still evolving into a mainstream part of energy consumption worldwide. As fossil fuels are on their way out and consumers look for cleaner energy sources, solar energy is being pushed further to the forefront of the conversation. So what factors are driving the push for more solar energy? Greater Demand Consumers, particularly those of the millennial generation, are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and [...]