San Diego Residential Solar Energy Systems

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San Diego Residential Solar Energy Systems

Homes throughout San Diego are taking advantage of the great savings provided by installing a residential solar energy system. You have the opportunity to significantly reduce, or virtually eliminate, your electric bill with the utility company. With a grid-tied solar energy system and Net Metering, you’ll be able to exchange your over-produced solar power during the day for energy at night.

Several financing options are available to help you move toward a renewable energy solution. With zero-down solar loans, property-assessed clean energy programs like HERO and YGRENE, as well as leases and power purchase agreements, it’s easy to start with nothing out of pocket.

When you choose SolarTech as your solar professionals, you get to choose from several equipment options; SunPower solar panels, LG, and SolarWorld. We offer several inverter options, as well; SolarEdge optimized inverters, SMA central inverters, and Enphase micro-inverters. We can also special order any equipment, if you have a particular preference. At SolarTech, we know that every residential solar energy system is a custom job, and we back our quality installations with a 25-year workmanship warranty and 25-year production guarantee.


Installing a residential solar energy system reduces the cost of electricity. Compared to the SDGE average of 31¢ per-kilowatt hour, solar can reduce the cost of electricity to as low as 7¢/kWh. San Diego homeowners with an average electric bill of $100/month will save a little money. If your bill is averaging around $200/month, you can cut the cost of energy by 40%-50%.

The more you electricity you consume, the more you can save with a solar power system. Homeowners with $300-$400 monthly bills will see savings of 50%, or better, with nothing out-of-pocket. That’s immediate cash flow savings that can free up your budget and allow you to live more comfortably without fear of turning on your air-conditioning system. Experience the enjoyment of energy independence. Stop over-paying for your electricity — go solar today!

Installing a solar power system for your home gives you control over your energy costs. While SDGE rates have increased 6%-7% annually, solar gives you the opportunity to fix your electricity costs at a significantly lower rate than the current utility costs.

Whether you select a cash purchase, finance-to-own with $0 down, or you choose to lease your solar panel system, you’ll have the comfort and confidence of knowing what your energy costs will look like for the next 20-25 years. As San Diego utility rates go up, you get the peace of mind knowing that your investment in a residential solar energy system is paying off. Most San Diego homeowners see their solar investment pay for itself within the first 6-7 years.

The ever-increasing population and electrification of our society are creating new challenges for the future of our planet. Our traditional energy sources — coal, oil, and natural gas — are taking their toll on the environment and are recognized as depleting resources.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) — turning light into energy — has been used for decades on satellites and specialized applications. Solar power is now achieving mass adoption due to advancements in technology, reduction in utility costs, and a desire for cleaner energy. We’re at an amazing point in the present, where every individual can make their own choices about where their power comes from. Help everyone, including yourself, by promoting a cleaner, better world for future generations.

When you install a solar panel system for your home, you can say goodbye to suffering through hot summer days and turning off every light when you leave the room. Inexpensive electricity provided by a residential solar energy system gives you the freedom to live comfortably and worry less about what your utility bill will look like.

When paired with energy-efficient improvements to your appliances, lighting, and cooling systems, we’re able to achieve even better savings in energy consumption, while still enjoying the quality of life we desire.

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  • The 30% Solar Tax Credit is still available.
  • Lock-in Net Metering for the next 20 years.
  • Start saving on your energy costs now.
  • Enjoy the luxury of affordable electricity.
  • Create renewable energy for a better world.

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As a solar company in San Diego County, we have been installing residential solar energy systems since 2001. Being a privately owned local business allows us to focus on providing the best solutions and quality for every solar panel system we install. We listen to our customers and design their custom solar PV systems based on individual needs.

As the renewable energy industry grows, so does SolarTech. With a solid history of growth and profitability — key factors to a successful business — choosing a local solar company like SolarTech ensures that we’ll be here to provide for your future solar energy needs.

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There is no “one size fits all” solar power system. We understand that each project is different and requires a unique approach to provide our customers with the best solution to their needs. When you work with SolarTech, you’ll get individualized attention from our solar professionals.

Our professionals work with you to determine the details of the solar installation on your home; solar panels & inverters to use, system sizing, and financing methods. Experience the difference of working with a solar contractor who listens to you and has your interests in mind. You deserve better than a “one size fits all.”

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We know San Diego solar. It’s what we do. Every aspect of your home solar energy project — from energy analysis to installation — receives the attention it deserves to ensure that you get a quality solution. Our team is committed to surpassing customer expectations, as well as bringing the best value possible to each and every San Diego resident.

We appreciate all of our customers. We grow our business through referrals and a reputation for quality & value. We’re so confident about our superior work quality, that we stand by every solar energy system installation with a 25-year workmanship warranty and 25-year production guarantee.

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