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Home Energy Storage Systems are here

Automated Backup Power at your disposal. No solar required.

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Energy Shift Systems™ By SolarTech

Home Energy Storage will be a necessity soon. Stay ahead of the utility by installing a residential battery system today! Energy Shift Systems™ by SolarTech allow you to store energy produced by solar for use later in the evening when utility pricing is at its peak. California utility companies are going to change the way they charge customers, increasing energy costs for ALL residential customers.

Install Home Energy Storage For Less

Rebates & Incentives are still available to offset up to 75% of the cost of your home energy storage system.

Benefits of Installing an Energy Shift System™

  • Store Energy For Use During Peak Periods.

    California Utility Companies will be changing their pricing model and moving ALL residential customers to Time-of-Use Rates by 2019. This change is expected to increase energy costs for every homeowner. With an Energy Shift System™, you’ll be able to protect yourself against high energy costs by storing/using electricity produced by your solar energy system or imported at less expensive times of day.

  • Store Back-Up Energy For Black-outs.

    Secure your home and family’s energy needs, even when the utility company fails. During a black-out or brown-out, typical utility customers and even solar homeowners without energy storage will go dark. Energy Shift Systems™ by SolarTech allow you to store electricity and back-up critical loads such as refrigeration, lighting, and communication circuits.

  • California Energy Storage Rebates Still Available.

    The State of California has earmarked millions of dollars to provide incentives for homeowners to install energy storage systems. Take advantage of this rebate and save up to 75% of the cost of installing energy storage batteries for your home. This rebate program is limited and extremely competitive, so sign up today and let SolarTech handle the rebate reservation process to ensure you get the best chance of securing a rebate!


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