Solar Powered Food Trucks

solar powered food truck

** This article if for informational purposes only, on the topic of how solar energy is being used. SolarTech does not install solar energy systems on food trucks.

If you live in the city, then you’re probably already familiar with the new craze of food trucks and their tasty convenience. The mobile food industry places a strong emphasis on local, fresh, healthy ingredients – so naturally, they are a more eco-friendly choice than many other fast food options. Taking it one step further, many food trucks are adopting a solar strategy for their business! See below to learn more about the top environmentally friendly, solar food trucks in the country.

Solar Crepes: Arlington, Virginia

Solar Crepes is a mobile creperie based in Arlington, Virginia. Their strategy involves preparing meals using locally sourced ingredients free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Their menu consists of organic foods, in-season fruits and veggies, Amish yogurts, fair-trade coffee, and much more. For an even more eco-friendly business practice, they focus on minimal wrapping and use second-hand supplies when they can.

Along with all of these sustainable practices, Solar Crepes uses solar panels to harness the power of the sun. Their 90-watt solar panel produces an average of 590 watt hours of energy each day to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Green Truck: Los Angeles and San Diego, California

Los Angeles and San Diego residents alike can enjoy the tasty treats offered at Green Truck. Their mission: “Healing our planet one meal at a time.” Not only does Green Truck serve fresh, organic, and local food, but they also use only recyclable or compostable utensils. (You won’t find plastic or Styrofoam near Green Truck!)

In addition, they’re serious about recycling. The vegetable oil they use to cook their foods is recycled the next day to power the truck! If that’ isn’t enough for eco-friendly advocates, they also compost their packaging and then deliver it back to the farms they purchase their food from.

And, of course, they run on solar power, too. Green Truck’s kitchen is powered via sunlight, and if they don’t use all the energy they’ve collected, they give the excess energy back to the power grid.

Steuben’s Food Truck: Denver, Colorado

Steuben’s Food Truck serves the Denver area and offers American cuisine like burgers and fries. While Steuben’s is based in a building offering sit-down dining and take-out, their mobile truck is available for private parties taking place in the Denver area. If you have a craving for delicious American classics but want an eco-friendly caterer at your next party, consider booking the Steuben’s Food Truck.

How does Steuben’s promote sustainability and eco-friendliness? Thanks to solar panels that power their generator, their mobile kitchen has successfully adopted green practices. But it’s not just the power of the sun that Steuben’s harnesses. Their truck is also powered on vegetable oil!

Solar Power Pops: Nationwide

The Solar Power Pops Truck has already made its way through New York City, Boston, and Baltimore, and it’s on a mission to educate the nation about solar power. Equipped with solar panels that help power the kitchen that produces the truck’s tasty treats, this truck is living by the virtues it’s teaching.

While many food trucks and carts are adopting eco-friendly practices, we have a long way to go until we see the majority of food trucks using solar energy. These four food trucks across the nation are a great start, however. If you’re visiting one of these cities and looking for an eco-friendly meal, make sure to keep your eyes open for one of these sustainable eateries.

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