Brand Highlight: SunEarth Inc.

SunEarth Inc. is a manufacturer of solar thermal components, solar thermal collectors, and solar thermal systems for both commercial and residential purposes. They have made their name as a dependable company, and one of the most highly-experienced corporations across the globe, with an extensive background of over 37 years in engineering and design, and almost unparalleled insight into their range of high-quality products.


Because each SunEarth Inc. product sold by SolarTech is constructed, and tested to the highest exacting standards, using procedures that consider the harshest environmental climates and conditions, these products often require little to no maintenance. What’s more, because the company itself dedicates their brand identity to the concepts of durability, performance, and innovation, each item is typically backed by a ten-year warranty, for solid peace of mind.

The Unique Advantages of SunEarth Inc.

Established as a leading force in the sphere of renewable energy technology, SunEarth Inc. provides consumers and wholesalers with more options in the form of SRCC certified systems than any other available solution. Since its original founding in 1978, in Fontana, California, the company has based its driving ambitions upon the goal to actively reduce fossil fuel dependence throughout the globe – delivering environmentally friendly solutions to individuals in need on robust and dependable energy.

Part of what makes SunEarth Inc. so unique is the organization’s unmatched levels of experience throughout the U.S. market. However, the advantages of this brand go beyond their deep understanding of the solar market. For instance, SunEarth Inc. has earned a reputation as a type of environmental warrior, taking part in initiatives to support zero-energy homes and the universal right to energy-efficient water heating and renewable energy generation.

What’s more, SunEarth Inc. has achieved their rating as Energy Star Compliant. In order to qualify for this program, all solar water heating systems must achieve a solar fraction certification equal to or greater than 0.50.

SunEarth Inc. Products

The SunEarth Inc. range includes five out of the six leading systems for solar thermal technology available today, including:

  • Forced-circulation open Loop
  • Thermosiphon Systems
  • Integral Collector Storage
  • Drainback Systems
  • Forced Circulation Glycol

The wide range of products that SunEarth Inc. offers are designed according to the belief that different climates, residential, and commercial markets across North America require different solutions for their solar systems. In other words, this brand believes in going against the “one-size-fits-all” approach to energy. Instead, they focus on offering customers a variety of system choices and products designed to meet their specific needs.

Some available products include:

  1. The Solar Thermal Collectors available in the “Empire” series. The Empire series uses flat plate “hot water” collectors – setting the standard throughout the industry for performance, value, and durability.
  2. The Solaray 1 & 2 closed-loop, forced-circulation system, designed for climates that regularly experience hard-freeze conditions.
  3. The SunEarth SunSiphon, combined with the Edward’s Solar Hot Water solution provides a high-quality thermosiphon storage tank, alongside high-performance flat plate solar collectors.
  4. The SunEarth CopperHeart (ICS) combines storage and thermal collection into a signal unit, making it an ideal inexpensive, durable, and simple water heating system.
  5. The Cascade Drainback systems 1 & 2 helps to protect against freezing, to ensure that solar panels continue to work at their optimum efficiency.
  6. The Empire Series Liquid Flat Plate Collectors are the first-choice solutions for solar professionals. They incorporate a sleek appearance, connected with versatility, easy use, high-quality installation, and high performance.


SunEarth Inc. are a highly-experienced solar technology brand devoted to producing incredible systems, and encouraging the movement towards a more environmentally-friendly planet.

SunEarth Inc. are convinced that with the right resources, architects throughout America will be able to design affordable, comfortable, and emission-free homes. In support of this idea, the production facility for SunEarth Inc. accesses power using an 184Kw SolarWorld photovoltaic solution.

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