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13.6 kW Ground Mount PV System + Solar Pool Heating

Enjoying amenities such as air conditioning and swimming pools adds electricity consumption every month and creates significantly higher peaks in the hot months. With swimming pool and fountain pumps, and several air conditioning units to cool the house, utility bills often reached $500 or more.

SolarTech designed a ground-mounted PV system for an unused hillside and installed solar pool heating panels adjacent to the solar energy array. The electricity generated by the solar panels has taken the electricity bill down to minimum utility fees, and the ground-mounted solar pool heating system keeps the pool warm and enjoyable into the Winter months.


5.2 kW Solar PV System on Clay Tile Roof

A perfect picture of the typical house in San Diego County, their consumption averaged around 9,000 kilowatt-hours per year and was driven higher by Summer energy consumption and increased air conditioning usage. The installed solar panel system generates enough electricity to minimize utility bills and offset annual consumption. While consumption for this family peaks in the Summer, production in the shoulder seasons builds credits for their Net Metering account with SDGE.


3.36 kW Rooftop Solar PV System

Over the next few years, California utilities will be changing the way they bill customers. Ultimately, electricity costs will be based on demand as well as consumption, leading to higher peak pricing when you use energy the most. Lower tier energy consumers are expected to see a significant rise in costs over the next few years.

Customers, like Brent, are preparing for these changes by locking in affordable energy now. Even though his electricity bills were still affordable, he decided to go solar now as an investment for the future. Installing solar now assures the best exchange rates for energy with SDGE and secures this agreement for 20 years.


Residential Solar Pool Heating & Solar Panel Installation
Roof Mounted SunPower Solar Panel Installation
Ground Mounted Solar Panel System Installation
Residential Solar Panel System Installation
Residential Ground Mounted Solar Energy System
Installing Ground Mounted Solar Energy System
Residential Solar Energy System Installation on Rooftop
Residential Solar Energy System Installation on Rooftop
SunPower Solar Panel Installation on Clay Tile Roof
Residential Solar Panel Installation
Residential Solar Energy and Solar Pool Heating Installations
Rooftop Solar Pool Heating and Solar Panel System
Ground Mounted Solar Panel System
SolarTech Installing Solar Energy System
Largest Residential Solar Panel System in San Diego
Ground Mount Solar Pool Heating Panels
Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation
Residential Solar Panel System Installation
Rooftop Solar Energy System by the Beach
Solar Pool Heating and Solar Panel Installation
SolarTech Installing a Ground Mount Solar Panel System
Ground Mounted Solar Panel System
SolarTech Installing a Ground Mount Solar Energy System
Ground Mounted Solar Panel System


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128 kW Rooftop Solar PV System

With monthly electricity bills reaching $5,000+, Stringham & Co. was able to drastically reduce operating costs by installing a solar energy system that generates enough electricity to offset consumption from the utility and significantly reduce demand charges. Immediate energy cost savings exceed 75%, and the solar panel system ensures low prices for future electric consumption. After just a few years, the savings have paid for the system, allowing the business to capture additional energy savings for another 20 years.


35.62 kW Rooftop Solar PV System

A business built on service, Pann Automotive had consistently high electric bills due to shop equipment, office use, and air conditioning systems. By installing 130+ solar panels on the roof of their facility, the business owners have cut energy costs and demand charges, freeing up capital for other investments in the business.

As California utility companies continue to adjust their rate structures, commercial buildings of all types and sizes are great candidates for solar panel systems. As the future of utility energy changes and energy storage (batteries) come to the mainstream, businesses like Pann Auto can move forward with confidence knowing that their SolarTech solar energy systems are storage-ready and will be ble to easily integrate a battery system once they become economically feasible.


26.2 kW Rooftop Solar PV System

Most businesses pay enough for electricity on an annual basis to make a strong economic case for installing solar panels to offset traditional utility energy consumption. Dr. Brant chose SolarTech to install the solar panel system for his office (and another on his home).

At the dental office, consumption is driven by office equipment, specialized equipment, climate control, and other various energy users such as TVs in the waiting and examination rooms. This investment has significantly reduced overall electricity costs and secured a future of affordable energy for at least 25 years.


Commercial Solar Energy System Installation
SolarTech Installing a Commercial Solar Panel System
Commercial Solar Panel Installation
Commercial Solar PV System Installation
Commercial Solar Panel System Installation
Commercial Rooftop Solar PV System
Commercial Solar PV Installation
Commercial Solar Energy System Installation


Are you in the market for a solar energy project on your home or business? We offer a risk-free solar quote for both residential and commercial solar projects. Our solar professionals will perform an energy analysis and discuss any additional consumption needs to determine the system size required to offset your electric bill. We will provide you with a detailed quote, including several equipment and financing options so you can choose what’s best for you.

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