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How to Sell Residential Solar Energy Back to the Utility

2017-04-19T17:01:06+00:00 Solar Energy|

So you’ve gone ahead and taken the leap: You’ve installed solar panels in your home or office. You’re feeling pretty good about this decision – you’re pulling in eco-friendly, renewable energy; the panels were cost-effective and the installation was seamless; you’re confident that you’ll be saving money in energy costs year after year. But here’s an added bonus you might not have known about: you can sell your solar power back to a utility company. That’s right – for savvy [...]

Newest Solar Innovations of 2015

2016-12-20T23:14:01+00:00 Solar Energy|

We’re halfway through 2015, and the world has already seen exciting tech advancements this year, from consumer tech like Apple Pay, to medical advancements like Brain Organoids. However, these aren’t the only industries developing break-through technologies. In the past six months, we’ve also seen many solar innovations that are changing the face of the industry.