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Zero down options with immediate cash flow savings

Solar energy systems present a great opportunity for businesses to lower operating costs by reducing the price paid for electricity. Solar financing options for your business have never been better, and they will help you secure long-term savings for your company. SolarTech provides commercial solar panel installation for businesses small and large, from 20kW-500kW, and has the financing options to help you achieve cleaner power and a better bottom line.

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  • Pay for system up front. No recurring payments.
  • Best value. Lowest price for energy.
  • Eligible for 30% Solar Tax Credit.

A cash purchase of your commercial solar panel system will give you the best value and lowest price per kilowatt-hour. You’ll be able to nearly eliminate, or greatly reduce, your electric bill with the utility company — saving your business money every month. You’ll also get the 30% Investment Tax Credit and you’ll be able to take accelerated depreciation over 5 years.


  • Zero-down. Financed through property taxes.
  • Lower monthly payment. Immediate savings.
  • Eligible for 30% Solar Tax Credit.

YGRENE offers one of the best PACE options to own solar with no up-front costs. YGRENE’s commercial solar financing allows you to utilize your property taxes to fund the solar power system install. Available for most San Diego County businesses, YGRENE allows you to own solar for zero-down, take the 30% tax credit, and take accelerated depreciation on your solar energy system.


  • Zero-Down. Immediate cash flow savings.
  • Lock-in a low rate for power for up to 20 years.
  • Save 25%-50% on your electricity costs.

Commercial solar leases and PPAs offer San Diego businesses the ability to significantly reduce electricity costs. These simple and straightforward financing options can cut your business energy costs by 30%-50% and lock-in low rates for the next 20 years. Pay less for power and start saving immediately with a solar lease or power purchase agreement.

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