Solar Pool Heating FAQs

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Solar FAQs

Solar pool heating is a great way to extract more enjoyment and value out of your swimming pool. By extending the swim season and increasing the comfort level, you’ll be able to use your pool more often. Spring through Fall, swim nearly all year long in warm and luxurious temperatures.

System sizing, solar pool heating equipment used, and warranties are questions worth asking. We’re here to help answer some of those frequent questions people have.


Family Playing in Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great for adding enjoyment of your home, and bringing friends and families together in the backyard. Imagine being able to do that year-round with pool temperatures that everyone enjoys (not just the kids). You’ll also enjoy paying next to nothing for additional recurring costs, because this pool heating system utilizes the sun and your pool’s equipment. Solar is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to heat you swimming pool.

The concept of solar pool heating is pretty simple. Water heating panels are placed in a sunny location and the pool water is circulated through a series of tubes in each panel, absorbing heat collected from the sun. The water then circulates back to the pool, monitored by a temperature sensor to keep the swimming pool at the desired comfort level. The system is attached to your pools filtration system and uses the pool pump to circulate the water.

Solar pool heating equipment is pretty efficient compared to other heating options. The first factor to decide is how long you’d like your swim season to be. Typical systems match 80% of pool surface area to equivalent roof/ground space, giving you 6 solid months of warm swim time. For those that want a longer swim season — up to 10 months of heated pool water — we design systems that match 100% pool surface area to solar heating square footage.


Solar Pool Heating System on Rooftop

There are several quality brands available for solar pool heating. At SolarTech, we rely on Aquatherm Industries pool heating systems, the #1 choice brand with over 35 years of experience. Our water heating systems are installed by professionals and covered by warranty.

SolarTech solar pool heating installations have a 12-year product and workmanship warranty. Solar pool heating systems can last 20-25 years or longer, so SolarTech also offers some extended warranty options for additional coverage. Ask your solar consultant for more information.

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