Innovation in Solar Panels: The Sun is Our Savior

The benefits of sustainable energy have generated universal popularity over the last couple decades, and Solar Energy has been a huge driver. The harnessing of sun has introduced a renewable and sustainable energy source that limits the pollution of greenhouse gasses.

Solar panels convert like to electricity with solar concentrators. These work by constructing photons (light particles) to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Growing popularity in solar production has accelerated the modification of new solar panels, including LG Solar Panels. LG Electronics is one of the leading companies in finding more efficient ways of capturing and transforming sunlight.

solar panel system

Solar Energy: Why?

Solar energy is the key to an environmentally friendly future. Use of fossil fuels has led to a global warming crisis that is often easily seen in toxic smog. Global warming has created deadly weather conditions and polluted air particles that can invade lungs and cause early death. Solar power has the capacity to reduce global warming pollution by 96%.

Solar Energy: How?

Solar panels use an interconnected web of silicon cells joined together to create a circuit. They come in different sizes to align all types of roofs and road signs. The standard market solar module is a 60-cell panel. A 72-cell panel is offered for buildings and larger areas.

The cell structure of solar panels usually comes in monosilicon, polysilicon, or thin-film. Monosilicon panels are crafted from a single crystal for assured refinement and are often technically advanced. Polysilicon panels are made from melting different silicon crystals together. These crystals are usually less refined, but recent investment in polysilicon technology has greatly improved the overall product. Thin-film solar cells use co-evaporated chemicals on a glass sheet. They have lower conversion efficiencies but have shown to be cheaper and easier to make.

Solar panels work by allowing photons to release electrons from atoms, producing electricity. The panels are composed of Photovoltaic cells (converting sunlight to energy) that consist of semi-conducting materials (silicon). The silicon cell structures have negative and positive charges. When these charges are separated, an electric field is ignited.

The power of the electric field is directly related to the refinement levels of the silicon crystals: the more refined the crystals, the greater the charges of the electron bond and their potential separation.

Innovation in Solar Panels

LG Electronics is one of the leading companies in renewable energy awareness and production. The company proclaimed its charter, “Life’s good when it’s green,” back in 2008, and has stuck to its efforts. They plan to reduce production pollution by 30 million tons per year, and harmful substances have been completely removed from manufacturing processes.

LG Solar Panels were developed over 25 years of research and development, and exceed industry standards. Each panel has 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty. This guarantees power generation up to 90% over 12 years, and 80% over 25 years.

These panels have been through years of rigorous field-testing and functioning assurance. There is a diverse product range with an offering of residential, commercial, and utility-grade modules. LG provides intense standards for material procurement by only targeting products that have undergone previous technical analysis and field tests.

LG won the Intersolar award in 2013 due to the Mono X NeoN module, a panel that showed unmatched efficiency and prices. The technological advancements included using n-type (bifacial) solar cells that generate solar insulation from two sides for improved light coupling. They are produced with 10-20% less material than standard solar panels, making them exceptionally lightweight and resistant to severe weather conditions. These panels are the future of solar panel production.

Solar power is the leading effort in renewable resource efficiency, though it is only as effective as its solar panels. Solar panels are the silent vessels that generate the concept. Solar panel improvement efforts are assured and validated when major companies, such as LG, care to get involved and contribute.

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