Brand Highlight: SolarWorld Solar Panels

Brand Highlight: SolarWorld Solar Panels

The decision to switch from nonrenewable energy sources to solar has potential to save thousands long term, but comes with an upfront investment. The installation of SolarWorld Sunmodule panels mitigates the risk of that investment with high-quality products that are efficient, strong and third-party tested.

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Why Choose SolarWorld Panels?

All SolarWorld products come with a 25-year linear performance guarantee and a 10-year extended workmanship warranty. With an aluminum frame for easy mounting, there are also eight different grounding locations available. The panels also come with extra cable lengths for more secure installations.

A few of the other reasons to choose SolarWorld Sunmodule panels include these highlights:

Black modules

Instead of having panels that stand out, SolarWorld offers the only true black options in the industry. Instead of a white backsheet, these modules implement black backsheets that gives a sophisticated and modern look.


All panels at SolarWorld go through intense testing to meet three times the International Electrotechnical Commission requirements for solar panels. This extra testing leads to higher quality products than competitors that last longer and operate better. Even after a SolarWorld product is for sale, it continues to be tested to ensure the version available for purchase is the best it can possibly be.

American made

SolarWorld is located on the West Coast of the U.S. in Hillsboro, Oregon with satellite factories throughout the world. As such, SolarWorld products must adhere to ISO and OHSAS standards to demonstrate the highest health and safety standards.

Cutting-edge technology

SolarWorld panels and supporting products are created through a fully automated manufacturing operation that uses the latest, greatest processes. This same type of efficiency and smart use of technology is evident in the SolarWorld products that are for sale.

Third-party validation

It is not just the makers of SolarWorld panels that think they are great. Outside testing agencies have also backed up the reliability and high-function of the SolarWorld panels – particularly the Sunmodule ones. Sunmodule panels carry the TÜV Rheinland “Power Controlled” inspection mark which is recognized in the industry. Based on that testing, Sunmodule panels show just a 2 percent measuring tolerance – the best in the industry. The Sunmodule panels have also been tested using the Outdoor Performance Index. All of these tests are meant to inspire confidence in people who invest in SolarWorld products and assure them that the investment will more than pay for itself.


Solar panels face potential problems from a phenomenon called “potential induced degradation,” or PID, which affects the efficiency of a solar panel system. The SolarWorld Sunmodules have been labeled as being “PID free” through a third-party verification system.

Weather Resistance

For use in climates that are not always warm and sunny, SolarWorld Sunmodules are built to stand up against the worst snow and ice without being damaged or losing product integrity.


SolarWorld is so committed to efficiency that its modules have even higher power delivery than the nameplate states. With power tolerance that ranges from -0 Wp and +5Wp, the SolarWorld modules meet or exceed the minimal power requirement determined by performance tests.

Smart Surfaces

With a patented surface design, SolarWorld’s Sunmodules have glass fronts that accomplish two things: light-trapping of light reflected by the panels and reduction of light from the outside. When these two ideas are working together, it leads to better performance and greater efficiency for the panels.

Salt Resistance

Even in coastal areas where the air is salty, SolarWorld Sunmodules hold up. The panels have been rigorously tested for these applications through the International Electrotechnical Commission’s severe salt testing.

If the many benefits of SolarWorld panels interest you, contact us at Solar Tech for a free consultation today.


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