Brand Highlight: Solar Industries by Aquatherm


Once you’ve decided to install a pool, you’ll likely look for ways to get as much as possible out of your investment. The more you can use your pool – for fun, relaxation, and health-boosting benefits – the more worthwhile the initial cost. The advent of solar heating systems offers pool owners the chance to maximize their backyard asset, by reducing the chill of cool water when the temperatures start to drop. This means you can jump in earlier in the spring, and keep on swimming later into the fall.

The idea of heating water through solar energy is nothing new. If your pool is already in a sun-heavy spot, you’ve probably noticed how warm the water becomes after just a few hours of exposure. Solar Industries by Aquatherm has created a way to harness that solar power more effectively, so you can use it to keep your pool comfortable, no matter the weather.

What Makes Aquatherm Solutions Unique?

Known as one of the biggest solar-heating brands for pools in the United States, Aquatherm Industries prides itself on being an ISO 9001:2008 registered company; producing some of the most trustworthy solutions for pool solar power on the market today. Aquatherm’s products are constructed using a pellets-to-pallets approach, within their 50,000 square-foot technology hub in Lakewood, New Jersey – one of the most hi-tech facilities of its kind across the globe. The facility has access to a selection of highly-customized equipment, including sonic and thermal welders, 200-ton injection molders, and thermoplastic extrusion lines – all managed by skilled experts.

Aquatherm Industries emerged in 1989, born out of the idea that fossil-fuel heaters couldn’t offer comfort and warmth to pool owners forever. In an attempt to access a more sustainable approach to pool heating, the company began work on the technology that would later define the “Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating System” – a tried and tested approach to long-lasting polymer heating.  The unique SI Collector design lead to the very first patent for a sun-tracking web-and-tube collector, and more than 20 years later, 500,000 pools around the world are using that same design.

Solar Industries Products

Solar Industries by Aquatherm offers a combination of safety, performance, and durability to their customers. The brand’s dedication to quality shows in the 5 year full (and 12 year limited) warranty that comes with each Solar Industries product. The company honors each and every warranty – although only 0.5% of products have ever lead to claims. The unique “tube and web” design of Aquatherm’s products, combined with uncompromising quality control, have introduced thousands of pool owners to eco-friendly and hassle-free pool heating.

The only ISO 9001:2008 registered company in the U.S., Aquatherm uses raw materials that begin in “pellet” form – those materials are melted, extruded, assembled, and thoroughly tested to the highest quality management standards.

Most plastic-based products start out as two forms of resin. The first is “Precompounded” resin, in which plastic blends with other additives, to alter its thermal and physical attributes. The second is “Masterbatch” resin, which mixes with concentrate containing fillers and additives. Aquatherm uses exclusively precompounded resin, for higher durability and performance. The plastic in their products uses various protective additives designed to prevent damage over time.

Why Choose Solar Industries by Aquatherm?

Perhaps the most important characteristic of Aquatherm products is the brand’s dedication to impeccable quality, durability, and safety. Each product undergoes stringent quality testing monitored by third parties, for excellent reliability. The NSF-50 rating ensures that each Solar Industries system delivers consumers warm, comfortable water, year after year.

While the initial cost of implementing solar-powered pool heating with companies like Solar Industries can seem daunting, the truth is that it’s often the most cost-effective solution. The reliability of the brand, combined with the fact that pool owners already have access to the necessary resource (the sun), means that running and maintaining a solar-powered heater costs little to nothing over time. With a high-quality, trustworthy brand like Solar Industries by Aquatherm, you can make the most out of your pool, while doing a little extra for your planet’s well being.

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