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One of the most significant parts of any solar photovoltaic (PV) system, is the solar inverter. While it’s the panels that work to harness the energy from the sun — it’s the inverter that processes that energy into something that the electricity grid, and home can use. As perhaps the hardest working component in any solar power system, it’s crucial for consumers and businesses alike to ensure they have access to the best in the business. SMA systems are the cutting-edge in industry-leading innovations and products — defining them as the “industry standard” for solar PV around the world.

SMA Solar

The SMA catalogue offered by SolarTech encompasses a range of SMA solar invertor solutions for various applications — from small-scale residential building invertors, to weather sensors for the home. Dedicated to providing best-in-class produce and impeccable customer service, SMA are constantly working to enhance and maintain their position as the largest manufacturer of solar inverters in the world.

What Makes SMA Solar Inverters Unique?

Established in 1981, SMA Solar technology exists today as a leading specialist in the industry of solar system technology. The global headquarters for SMA is located in Niestatal, in Germany, and their Germany-based factory is the largest, carbon neutral, PV manufacturing plant in the world today. SMA holds about 40% of the global market share, and takes its name from the German acronym for “System-Mess-und-Anlagentechnik” – which translates to control, measuring, and equipment technology.

The company employs over 4,000 employees dispersed across 21 countries throughout the globe, and each sector of the business is devoted to providing innovative photovoltaic applications, combined with unbeatable customer service. Indeed, it is the incredible customer service that some believe makes SMA solar so special. Customers of SMA and SolarTech access comprehensive consumer services, including a 24-hour service line that offers complete support to installers and customers — from planning to the end of the product’s life. Customers even have access to an instant-replacement service, through which a faulty system will be replaced in no more than 24 hours.

What’s more, SMA solar inverters come with an extensive five-year warranty program as standard, and the company will retrieve any unwanted systems at the end of their use, to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Various Products Offered

The SMA product range is vast and versatile, with a selection of ideal inverter solutions for all system sizes and module types. What’s more, SMA also offers various energy management product solutions and system monitoring options.

The “Sunny Boy” inverter line utilizes the latest in solar technology to ensure optimum performance and top-of-the-line energy efficiency in each and every product. Not only are these inverters ideal for residential use, but they are also compact, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for positioning in almost any home environment. Some available products include:

  1. The “Sunny Boy” 3000 and 4000 invertors – particularly attractive options for partially shaded areas and demanding PV arrays, these multi-string devices offer maximum flexibility and planning opportunities. Their peak efficiency levels rate at 96.8%, and each comes with an active system for temperature management, known as “OptiCool”. What’s more, these systems are easy to install, simple to maintain, and safe to use.
  2. The “Sunny Boy” 5000, 6000, 7000, and 8000 invertors use the same foundation technology as the previous models, but offer around 97% peak efficiency – a small boost on the 3000 and 4000 options. Also available with OptiCool management, an integrated DC disconnect switch, and automatic grid detection for voltage, these systems are safe, reliable, and robust.
  3. The SMA “Sunny Beam”, featuring wireless Bluetooth technology, makes monitoring a solar system easier than ever. Easy to use, compact, and informative, the Sunny Beam is an attractive option for saving money and maximizing your solar panel performance.
  4. The “Sunny Sensorbox” is a weather station solution offered by SMA that enables the continuous detection of declining performance, shading, dirt, and other deterrents to maximum performance.

Consider SMA Solar Inverters for Your Home or Business

SMA Solar are a dedicated brand for solar technology innovation that make their mark on the industry by offering incredible product solutions combined with reliable customer services.

With the use of intelligent SMA technology, consumers can transform their houses into smarter homes that make better use of renewable energy for a more economical, and environmentally-friendly approach to power.


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