Brand Highlight: Phono Solar Panels

Brand Highlight: Phono Solar Panels

The Phono Solar Technology Company has been in the renewable energy business since 2004, bringing a unique renewable energy solution to both residential and commercial customers across the globe.  Phono solar focuses on the implementation of renewable energy products and offers state-of-the-art technological solutions to help mitigate the effects of energy consumption on the non-renewable resources within the global economy. With a complete renewable energy solution, Phono Solar includes high-efficiency solar models, an energy management unit, portable power solutions, and lighting, heating, and cooling systems.

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Resources and Partnerships

As a company that offers its services worldwide, Phono Solar is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted brands in the photovoltaic industry. With solar industry experts on staff, focused research aimed at bettering renewable energy resources, and strategic partnerships to help combine expertise, Phono Solar provides industry leading efficient and dependable solutions with cutting-edge technology.


Phono Solar has a longstanding and solid history providing customers with a stable company they can trust. With many successful implementations, prospective clients can see real-world examples of successful implementations and performance.

The Phono Solar product line was founded by the SUMEC group in 2008 and began expanding shortly thereafter. In 2010, Phono Solar was realized as one of the world’s largest PV power plants.


Power plants and private residents alike can benefit from the performance of Phono Solar panels. Phono Solar powers have been used across the world on farms, airports, shops, schools, and a variety of residential homes. Solar energy solutions provide consumers with access to state and federal solar tax breaks, and helps protect against fluctuating energy costs. Solar power also increases the value of residential and commercial building and helps entice eco-conscious buyers.

Warranty and Quality

Phono Solar’s exceptional products offer a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. This means that every Phono Solar product is covered by quality and liability insurance. Because the brand is supported by core values of stability, reliability, and creativity, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence is paramount. Phono solar strives to adhere to exceptional quality materials and processes, responsible production practices, strict adherence to industry certifications, and groundbreaking innovations to optimize their products and provide unmatched service to their worldwide customer base.


Phono Solar provides a wide variety of products to accommodate the unique needs of each one of their customers. By providing a flexible configuration of both monocrystalline and polycrystalline options, these high performance solar modules offer a high level of energy output, in even weak-light conditions. Phono Solar panels are also incredibly durable, and resistant against corrosive environmental damage.  

Additional Services

Phono solar is more than a product provider. They are a business partner that can help customers implement renewable energy products from initial design and construction support all the way to financing and product management. With experience on all levels of renewable energy projects, customers can remain confident in the knowledge that their renewable energy project is in good, experienced hands.

Both residential and commercial buildings can benefit from renewable energy solutions, reducing electricity bills, finding independence from the escalating costs of energy, and allowing consumers to find peace in their decision to reduce their carbon emissions and make a positive impact on the global climate condition.


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