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San Diego Solar Energy Power Contractor

SolarTech is one of the leading full-service solar power companies in San Diego. For more than a decade, SolarTech has designed and installed the most reliable and cost effective turn-key solar energy systems. Our core business solutions include solar electric systems (photovoltaics) and solar pool heating systems. SolarTech’s residential and commercial customers throughout San Diego County, Orange County, and The Inland Empire are lowering their monthly electric bills, reducing their concerns over energy rate hikes and increasing their property value.

SolarTech is committed to putting the power back in your hands. We do this by using high quality solar products and solutions that give you the ability to generate your own clean, green energy while minimizing environmental pollution. Through years of experience, SolarTech has learned to properly size and apply these solar products to your specific needs and energy cost-saving goals. SolarTech looks forward to designing the most cost effective solar systems for your residence or business.

Solar electric systems (PV) have become a great, long-lasting investment. Solar practically pays for itself with free electricity after 5 years, new technology, and a 30% Federal tax credit. This is similar to a guaranteed 15% interest investment, and as the price of electricity goes up, your savings increase!

Why Choose SolarTech?

SolarTech is a licensed California contractor, accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We meet every project with a dedication to quality service and complete customer satisfaction with the best parts and products available. Our technicians and specialists are certified, insured, and equipped to provide the utmost safety and efficiency for every installation, regardless of size or scope. Every solar system we install comes with a complete parts and labor warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

SolarTech wants to help you save money on electricity and protect you from rising electric costs. Take the first step. Request a free consultation or call SolarTech today if you have questions about getting started with solar panels in San Diego or the greater SoCal area.

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Solar Electric Systems:

Will increase the value of your home or rental property. Will substantially reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill. Learn more

Solar Pool Heating:

Will double your swim season with warmer water. The average system can pay for itself in the first year. Learn more

Domestic Hot Water:

Can reduce your hot water heating costs as much as 70%. Will protect you from the rising costs of heating your water. Learn more